Friday, 2 December 2005

Finally a day off ~

And boy do I feel that I really, really need it! Not that I'm planning on laying around today - lots to do.

First on the list . . . decorate the mantlepiece for Christmas. We don't have room for a Christmas tree this year :-( so I'm decorating the mantlepiece instead LOL.
Got all the Chrissy decs out yesterday, just need to see what can be used today. Will send Karl and Ricki down the road to find some mini pinecones that I can spray paint to use as well.

Made use of Farmers 'open till midnight sale' last night. Bought a couple more things. Had a quick look through Briscoes as well, and then Warehouse. Will take Liam back into Briscoes today - they have a half price sale on Duvet covers and he wants a new duvet for his birthday so will let him chose that. Please let there be one that he likes!

The dust, dirt and laundry calls . . . will try and post a pic of my decorating efforts later.

Tuesday, 29 November 2005

House & Christmas are getting closer.

Only about ten days away from having to pay a deposit for the building of the house. Building is not even going to start until February! Valuation is getting done for the land and the structure at the moment. Have the building contract to check over and sign . . . and then it's all on - except for waiting for the Council to grant the permits. Apparently they are taking a couple of months at the moment, and then of course there is Christmas in the mix!

Ah, Christmas. Time of happiness, joy, too much food . . . and debt. All I can say is thank goodness for putting money away each pay day for Christmas. Don't know how we managed before doing that. Probably put everything on the credit card and spent the rest of the year paying for it LOL.

As for what we are getting the little darlings this year - still haven't quite worked that out. Bought a few bit of clothing last visit to Christchurch, got a couple of books for two of them . . . other than that who knows! Dallas said tonight that we'd go up town on Sunday and try and get it sorted. Not to mention that it's Liam and Rickis birthdays the week before Christmas, too.

Friday, 25 November 2005

Updating ~

We've had three weeks we'd rather forget . . . so just updating a few good things that have been happening . . .

Last week Josh was on school camp. Year 7 & 8's went over to Nelson and stayed at Bridge Valley Camp. They had a wonderful time - Josh came home very, very tired and all we heard for the next two days was . . . "the food was SSSOOOOOO good" - doesn't say much about my cooking then, does it LOL.

Liam has been plodding along at school and playing indoor cricket. Trying to get him to get a holiday job, but he doesn't seem to be very interested.

Ricki had his last exam yesterday and has now officially finished school for the year. He doesn't seem interested in getting another job either :( I think they think they can stay home all hols and play computers. Ain't gonna happen!!!

Karl has had four days work with a friend this week - and he starts back at New World on the 5th December. Not his ideal job, but seems to be all that is available for him at the moment. We've told him to stick to it, but keep a look out for something he'd rather be doing. He is definately having a gap year and doesn't want to spend it in the supermarket.

We have full contracts for the house building. Just have to read them through, get the bank to agree, get them signed and pay the deposit. It's the paying the deposit that's going to hurt the most. Work won't start until probably February.

Work is picking up for all the Couriers. Must be nearly Christmas!! Hoping that Karl and Ricki will help Dallas out next week, and when Liam finishes in a couple of weeks, then he can help during the week, too.

Christmas shopping continues. Slowly. I'm not nearly as organised this year as I was last year. Not spending much $$$ this year either.

I think that's us for now. Hopefully will get more time on the computer again from now, with life not getting in the way quite so much.

Thursday, 10 November 2005

***Karl's home***

He arrived home on Sunday - albeit 2 hours late. Would you believe that the "able seamen" in Wellington couldn't untie the ferry from the wharf?!?!?! How silly is that!!

Hasn't taken long for things to get back to normal. He's busy at the moment . . . lying on the couch LOL.

Sent him out yesterday with his CV to go around and try and find a job. He went to TWO places! He's definately having a gap year in 2006, but it looks like he'll end up spending the year at the Warehouse or MacDonalds or the Supermarket.

Ricki finished school yesterday. Exams start on Monday. He is supposed to be spending some time each day studying. I'm home tomorrow, so I'll be able to see what's actually happening.

Monday, 31 October 2005

All Hallow's Eve

Halloween is here. I sent the boys down to the shop earlier to get some choccies just in case any of the neighbourhood kids decide to come knocking. It's starting to rain, so hopefully that will deter them, and we'll get to eat the chocolate :-)

It's been quite interesting reading about the origins of Halloween. It is the day before All Saints Day - which used to be called All Hallows. In Britain and Ireland in particular, pagan Celts celebrated the Day of the Dead on All Hallows Day (1st November). The spirits supposedly rose from the dead and, in order to attract them, food was left on the doors. To scare off the evil spirits, the Celts wore masks. Then when the Romans invaded Britain, they embellished the tradition with their own, which is the celebration of the harvest and honoring the dead. These traditions were then passed on to the United States and Canada.

If you go back even further with the Ancient Celts, the new year began around the 1st of November, a day referred to in modern Gaelic as Samhain ("Sow-in", meaning: November). Just as sundown meant the start of a new day, shorter days signified the start of the new year; so the harvest festival began every year on the night of October 31.

As November 1 is the first day of the new year, the day also meant the beginning of winter, which the Celts often associated human death with. The Celts also believed that on October 31 (the night before the new year), the boundary separating the dead from the living became blurred.

Of course, America has taken the tradition of Halloween to heart, going totally over the top as they do with everything!

Sunday, 30 October 2005

The new 'screen time' rules

The poo hit the fan and a major discussion has been had regarding just how much time the boys spend in front of screens!

Dallas has finally taken charge of something that really annoys him. He has decreed that they will all get a total of 2 hours screen 'play' time during the school week.That is NOT two hours per day - but two hours total between Monday and Friday! Weekends will be a bit more lenient, but certainly not all day as has been known to happen. Time MUST be spent outside - hey, summers nearly here!

We will see how long it lasts!

Josh overnighted at a friends last night - Hamish had a Halloween party. It is the first time Josh has actually dressed up for Halloween. Not something that I am particularly interested in, so haven't encouraged it. Blenheims big fireworks display was on last night too, so they went to that, dressed up and watched a couple of scary movies.

I had work today, clearing the street receivers, but because I've been having problems for the last couple of weeks with my neck, Dal came and helped me. We got through it faster than I would have normally on my own, so that was good.

Tomorrow is Marlborough Anniversary - another long weekend. Think we might go through to Picton for a ride. Maybe do a bit of Christmas shopping through there, too.

I've been trying to get hold of Karl to get his tickets booked to come home next weekend. He's not wanting to answer his phone, though. He's had no money on it for the past couple of months, so I think he forgets about it and leaves it behind all the time. Oh well, he'll phone me when he realises that he has got no more nights left at the Halls and he needs to come home . . . won't he???

Friday, 28 October 2005

My to do list!

Friday - my only day off and the to do list is rather large.

* Housework - argh!! (Bathroom, toilet done and kids beds changed);
* Bank appointment - done that but now need to get more info to them;
* Meeting with Endeavour about house this afternoon;
* Take Joshs enrolment forms to College - yes, he starts College next year! - DONE;
* Pay AA bills - DONE;
* Return overdue library books - DONE;
* Phone Karl and book his ferry tickets to come home - yippee;
* Finish housework :-(
* Dinner - umm, any suggestions???
* Argue with kids again regarding how much screen time they can have today!

Won't feel like doing anything else after that last one!

Wednesday, 26 October 2005

We went shopping ~

but didn't spend any money - YET! On Monday we did the rounds looking at kitchen appliances. Think we came out more confused than when we went in. There is so much to choose from - and we have only limited funds to spend so you'd think that would make it easier - but NO. Just makes me want to spend that little bit more than I have. :-(

Summer sport has started up again. Ricki and Josh are playing summer soccer and Josh is also playing volleyball. Had parent help for both this past week, so hopefully that's me for the rest of the year.

Karl is in the midst of exams. Should be home around about the 6th of November. Then he has to go job hunting. Might have to do a makeover on him first . . . get the uni student look out of him LOL.

Ricki came off his bike coming home from school today. Huge chunk out of his chin, bruised under his eye, badly grazed hands, arms and knees. Won't let me take a photo, though. Got a bit stroppy when I tried :-/ He has also handed in his notice at McDonalds. He needs to talk to his cooking teacher about getting an afterschool and weekend job in a restaurant, but I think he wants some time off first. School finishes in a few weeks for him - study time and then exams - so I'm hoping he doesn't leave it too long.

Wednesday, 19 October 2005

Normality returns ~

for some of us, at least. While the majority of us carry on with our normal, daily lives, sister Anne is back in Australia packing up her house to move back to New Zealand. Although she really wants to come home, this will not be an easy job for her as she is doing it without the help of Rex. Sending lots of cyber hugs your way, Anne. (((Anne)))

And back in the Smith household . . . it took most of the weekend to get things straight after having an extra 10 people in the house LOL. Couches and caravans returned . . . borrowed blankets, pillows returned . . .laundry finished! And I wouldn't have had it any other way! I met with some family that I hadn't seen for 10 years! The girls have all grown into young women. Chris and Janices' two children are great kids. I just feel as though I got to know everyone all over again. Terrible circumstances in which that should happen, but as someone said to me . . . there's a silver lining on every cloud. Here's hoping it won't be so long before we all meet again :-)

I went to the dentist yesterday cos I had toothache. What I thought would be a simple filling ending up with him taking out a wisdom tooth! So this blonde has even less wisdom and more blondeness now LOL. That won't go down too well at work! Seems to have fixed the toothache though!

Hoping to get off work today and go looking at bathroom stuff. The title for the section is due to come through hopefully next week, and we need to be ready to GO! If we are ready, maybe work can start before Christmas!

Friday, 7 October 2005

Holidays are nearly over ~

Dallas has sent a text to say they are back in the country. Overnighting in Christchurch and coming home tomorrow. Then Ricki has one day home and on Monday is off on Biology Camp for week!

Rex's funeral has been arranged for Thursday. Everyone arrives here on Monday. I've been trying to hire, borrow, steal (ok - maybe not steal) fold out couches so I have somewhere for people to sleep.

Josh, Paul & Hayden went to the movies this morning. Lava girl - or something like that. Sounded pretty rubbishy. They've all spent the afternoon playing tennis, ball tag, etc, outside before the rain started.

Tomorrow we have Michelle and Scottys wedding. It's down the sounds but the weather will need to improve - it's currently raining. I had to go and buy a nice black jacket because I think it's going to be cold, and I don't have one. We have to head to Picton to meet the boat at 10am. I'm looking forward to sitting back and relaxing for a few hours.

Tuesday, 4 October 2005

Sometimes life just bites!

Had planned to write about the fun time the boys had in Christchurch, and also about the exploits of Dal and Ricki who are still in Australia. But real life got in the way . . . and it sucks.

We have had a death in the family. My brother in law Rex - my sister Anne's husband. He went into hospital in Sydney last Friday to have a hip replacement. About an hour after coming out of that he had a heart attack. He was put on life support, and passed away on Monday with most of his family by his side. Now he gets to come home . . . but not to share retirement here with Anne as they had both planned.

To Anne and Rex's family - Veronica, Peter, Luke and Jodee; Chris, Janice, Mikayla & Jordan; Donna, Shane, Courtney, Taylah & Jake; Natasha & Dion; Pamela & Eddie and Nicola - thinking of you heaps and love you all.

Friday, 30 September 2005

One week down ~

and one to go . . . already!! This first week of the holidays has just flown by.

I have spent it child minding in the morning and then going into work for a couple of hours in the afternoons.

All boys and I have had haircuts. We've been to the Library. Been shopping for boxers and socks LOL. Oh, and I bought my first Christmas presents too!

Today - we'll do something different ~ Dallas and Ricki are off to Australia with the soccer team. Picking up some extra boys and leaving home around 8am. Fly out from Christchurch this afternoon for some fun in the sun. Only playing a couple of games on one day, and spending the rest of the time at theme parks, the zoo, shopping, the beach etc etc. (They are going to the Gold Coast).

Liam, Josh and I are following them down to Christchurch and are going to have a long weekend there. We will probably be spending most of our time finding teenage type stuff to do ~ go karts, Hydroslides at QEII, vertical bungee, laser strike etc etc. Hope to throw a little bit of shopping in :-)

Wish us all safe travelling . . .

Friday, 23 September 2005

Schools out ~

Only one more term left before the end of the year!


Time is rushing by. Just as the past few weeks have.

The world hasn't stopped revolving because we don't have a government. I thought this week would be a lot worse than it was. Life just goes on!

Our most exciting news of the past couple of weeks . . . we have a section!!
Here it is ~

The driveway . . . yes, it's another back section :-)

This is looking south east. Doesn't look much, does it. But it's ours! We hope to be built and living there in six months.
Still waiting for the title to come through, then hopefully building can start Dec/Jan.

We have a house plan, now just have to get the sizing right. Working with Endeavour Homes. I'm sure they will be quite sick of us by the time this little adventure is over LOL

Had both Liam & Ricki to the doctor today. Ricki for his allergies. Ian wouldn't give him the allergy injection until all other avenues had failed, so we have come home with Prednisone, eye drops and nose drops. Fingers crossed that they will do the trick.

Liams growth was checked last year, and Ian wanted to see him again this time this year. He has shot up 9cm and put on 9kg in weight! Still well under the normal percentile for his age, but he always has been, so I'm not worried at all. His voice is a little bit croaky/squeaky these days too. Sounds really funny when he laughs. Love to hear that sound!

Have nothing much planned for the school break. Dallas and Ricki are off to Australia next Friday for soccer. They are away from 30th September till the 8th October.

Liam, Josh and I decided that we would spend next weekend in Christchurch, so hope to head away on Friday, too.

Karls final semester this year ends on 8th October. Then he has four exams over the next three weeks and that's his first year of Uni finished. He's still talking about having a gap year next year. That may change if he thinks he has to spend a year working in a supermarket full time though. He has to get his CV updated and out to the places where he thinks he might like to work. It's going to be an interesting few months.

Saturday, 17 September 2005

I can't believe I'm saying this ~

But we are sitting here, absolutely glued to the election results tonight! Only switching over to the rugby in the ad breaks. That is unheard of!

Oh well, I'll check in tomorrow and update :)

Monday, 5 September 2005

A sure sign that summer is on its way!

Winter sport is finished! Thank goodness for that. We only had Ricki playing a sport this year, but that was enough. He had a pretty good season playing soccer for Redwood Colts. At the prizegiving yesterday he won the trophy for Most Improved Player. He was a bit surprised to get it.

Dallas and I spent some time yesterday afternoon after the soccer looking at a couple of show homes. We are trying to get a house plan sorted, and trying to chose between two building companies. I thought it was going to be easy! Hah! I think we are trying to cram too much into the house. Need to sit back and look at it more simply.

I have had enough of seeing the devastation in New Orleans. It's just too much. The horrors of illness, death, rapes, murders. It makes me so sad. It makes me so angry. Do you realise that the area affected is the size of the whole of New Zealand? Can you imagine what that would be like? We would have nowhere to run; nowhere to hide.

My biggest question is why did it take so long to get help in there? FIVE whole days?!?

And now the petrol prices keep rising. Interestingly enough, George Bush was telling all Americans not to buy gas, unless you really need to. Good thing he told them that. I'm sure many routinely buy gas when they don't need too! What a dipstick!

Saturday, 3 September 2005

Time sure flys by ~

Especially when you are busy LOL

Thanks to Susy for the reminder that I haven't been here and updated for a while.

Lots to update on - will try and do it in order~

Yes, we did get moved into the rental house. That was on 12th August. Spent that Friday with a friend doing a final cleaning Howick Road. Couldn't have done it without her, that's for sure.

Then spent Saturday and Sunday pottering around here, getting things in place, making sure TV, Sky, computers were going - which just wasn't happening! Telecom stuffed up the change over! Was meant to be done on Thursday, but ended up with no phone until the following Monday - and then they tried to charge us for it!!! Not in MY lifetime would I be paying for their stuffup!!!! Much frustration for all involved - and plenty of mumbles and grumbles from the boys in the cheap seats!

Vinnie seemed to take to the move OK, but he still wasn't eating much, and was drinking lots. Rumblings of a problem there, so got him into the vet. Turns out he had kidney disease and after that he went downhill really quickly. We ended up having him put down last Monday. We were all so sad - much crying was done. We are still missing him snuggling up to us and the boys especially as he would get under the covers in bed with them - moving from bed to bed throughout the night.


We are now in the process of buying a section. Documents are at the lawyers as we speak (or as I type as the case may be!) A new subdivision has opened off Redwood Street, and we are buying a section there. Not the first choice of where we want to be, but the other area isn't coming up for about two years.

Checking out house plans, too. There is so much to decide. How big, how many bedrooms, how many living areas, what kind of kitchen, where can I save some money so I can buy new furniture . . .??? The list goes on.

Doesn't help that I've been working almost full time for the past five weeks, and that is set to continue for at least another 6 weeks. We are learning to make the most of our lunchtimes and Sundays.

Karl has been home for two weeks, went back to Uni last weekend . Has end of year exams in about five weeks, I think. He is considering coming home and working for 2006 to get some money behind him before going back. Let's just say he's not been handling his finances very well -- much to his mothers (and fathers) consternation!!! More frustration!!!

Liam had a sleep over at a friends birthday last night and is asleep on the couch - think I'd better go wake him or he'll won't go to bed tonight!

Think that just about gets us up to date.


Monday, 8 August 2005

The move has begun . . .

Got the key to the rental on Friday afternoon.

Started moving things over on Saturday - the garage was cleared and went; also all the kitchen stuff that's not needed between now and Friday.

Yesterday I had work - but Dallas and the boys moved all the outside furniture and the trampoline in the morning, and in the afternoon we got all the bookcases moved, lots and lots of boxes that are going into storage, plus our waterbed. Got the w/b put together again and will start filling it tonight. We are currently sleeping in Joshs double bed - the waterbed is a king size . . . quite a difference!!

On the last trip we dismantled our dining table, took that around and reassembled it.

The kids worked really well the whole day. Ricki had spent the night at a friends birthday and didn't get home till about 11am, but still got stuck in even though he'd had no sleep. Might be fun trying to wake him up this morning for school. LOL

Don't know how Vinnie is going to take the move. He is 10 this year, and knows that something is up. He's not eating well, and is being very quiet. Not like him at all.

Saturday, 6 August 2005

Yesterday I kept getting the runaround ~

and I am SO damn angry about it!

Ricki has a tooth that is bothering him. The local hospital used to deal with secondary school dental care, but we got a letter a couple of months ago to say the a local practice will be taking the school kids on.

So - I ring the dental practice . . .
"Oh, I'm sorry, we've heard no more about taking the childrens dental care over".

OK - so I ring the hospital . . .
"Didn't you get a letter to say we were closing"
"Yes, but the other practice has heard nothing more"
"Oh, no, they haven't signed the contract yet . . ."

So she tells me there is an emergency dentist to call. OK, I call them, but it's not a real emergency so they won't take him!

My choices - it has to suddenly become a real toothache emergency (wonder how good an actor Ricki is), or I try and get him into my dentist and pay for it.

Why do these sorts of things always happen when you are already stressed to the max?

On the other hand - a good thing about yesterday . . . Liam came home from camp :-)

Monday, 1 August 2005

Life is certainly not boring ~

In our clean out to prepare for our house move we took a HUGE trailer load of rubbish/cr@p/old/broken stuff to the rubbish tip yesterday.

Still have a pile of clothes to recycle, things in good condition to take to the op shop and a couple of items to auction.

We get the keys to our rental this coming Friday, and have a week to move things over and clean this place.

On top of that, my boss has an operation tomorrow and I'm working every day for the next six weeks, instead of part time. Wish me luck in keeping my sanity intact!

Oh, and Liam is off on school camp today. His tramping pack is almost twice the size he is! AND he was diagnosed with shingles yesterday, so has these itchy clusters on his back and has to take five pills a day for a week! Yeah right - like a 14yo male on school camp is going to remember that!

Thursday, 28 July 2005

Getting ready to move ~

What a job!! What a mess!! LOL

The most important thing . . . we have somewhere to live! I've finally found a tiny three bedroom house just a couple of blocks from us. I think we'll have to move around it sideways it feels so small LOL

Take possession of it on 8th August - move out date for this place is 12th August. So that will give us a week to move and clean.

Have to say that I was starting to panic about finding somewhere. Didn't want to end up at Dals mums for any length of time.

Have to go in today to sign rent documents, pay about six weeks worth of rent - ouch!!

I now feel I can get stuck into finding a section to build on, too. Dallas has contacts at the council and is trying to find out where new areas will be opening up that might interest us.

Springlands sections are really expensive - around $160,000 just for a bit of dirt - so probably won't be going there!! New subdivisions are opening up everywhere - apparently there are around 300 sections for sale at the moment. Just none that we want!! Oh well, something will come up, I'm sure.

Right - time to get these kids up and moving :)

Friday, 22 July 2005

We've sold!!!

We've definately sold!!

Don't know whether I'm happy or sad, probably a bit of both!

We have three weeks to be out of here. OMG - I spent yesterday going around all the property management places to try and find a house to rent. No luck so far. Will check out tonights paper and hope for the best.

I started packing in earnest yesterday, too. Started with the garage. DH is such a clutterholic - there will be so much going to the rubbish tip! (He's fine with that - just won't let me touch his clothes). LOL

Today, the dishwasher man is coming to fix that; I have one more Real Estate to go to about a rental; a bank appointment; and much, much more packing and tossing to do. :)

Once we find somewhere to rent, then we will be able to sit back and contemplate the future. We will be able to get serious about looking for a section to buy, find a nice house plan, and build our dream home!

Tuesday, 19 July 2005

I now have four teenagers!

My baby was 13 on Sunday 17th July. :D

Joshs birth was quite dramatic. I went into labour at 31 weeks. Far too early for our local hospital. They stopped the contractions for three days, then decided to take me off the meds and see how I went. Two hours later I was in the emergency rescue helicopter being flown to Wellington to give birth.

Josh was born by emergency C-Section an hour later at 32 weeks weighing a whopping 4 1/2lbs.
After about five days in Wellington hospital, we were flown home were he was in the baby unit for 5 more weeks.

He was a beautiful baby, and now a delightful, exuberant, chatty teenager!

What did he want to do for his birthday . . . stay up all night and play playstation games. I came down at about 5.30am and made them turn the tv off, turn the lights out and go to sleep. LOL

Friday, 15 July 2005

I really must ~

Get the typefaces sorted! Looking rather mix and match (or not matched) at the moment LOL

Looks like we may have sold.

Meant to go unconditional next Wednesday. Please keep your fingers crossed for us that it does.

Went to Auction on Wednesday night, didn't sell, but spent two hours after the auction AND yesterday morning trying to negotiate the price. We ended up saying, no forget it . . . we are not budging on our price. Thought it was all over. Then, three hours later, got a call to say OK!

Not sure how I feel now. I love this place, but it just needs so much doing to it, and we don't have the time, the skills or the money to do it. It's been a great family home for us. Think I'll cry when we leave.

When we go unconditional, we will then look for somewhere to rent for a while. We are hoping to build, and will now get out and put some offers in on some sections we like.

I'm thinking about all the packing already. Started writing lists yesterday.

Ricki is on his third morning of early starts. I have to say he's coping much better than I thought he would. It also means I've had three early morning gym work outs! I think I'll let Dallas take him tomorrow - he'll be going to work at about the same time. I need a sleep in!

Sunday, 10 July 2005

I am SO glad ~

that this weekend is over. Although it's much easier to have two Open Homes in a row. Didn't have to do nearly as much cleaning for the second day! Just the auction to go, now. Wish us some luck please.

We would like to build our new home. Spent some time this afternoon looking at sections. Have a few ideas about house plans, too, but can't do too much until this place sells. With all this talking, I'm ready to start it right now!

Holidays start in earnest tomorrow. Hope all of you with children have a wonderul break.

Friday, 8 July 2005

What a shock to wake up to ~

Those poor people in London. Sending good thoughts there way.

You know, I think it makes some people stronger. They will NOT be beaten by terrorists. They will continue to live their daily lives. I dread the day it happens here, though.

In our little corner of the world . . . school finished today for two weeks. Yippee! Unfortunately Ricki informs me tonight that he has five 6am starts at McDs next week. WHAT ABOUT MY SLEEPIN?!?!? 'Cos you know who is going to be taking him to work at that hour of the morning, don't you! Oh well, maybe I'll get five early morning workouts at the gym as well LOL. May as well put the early starts to good use, I suppose.

Some how next week I have to juggle kids, work, sausage sizzling (fundraising for Camp with Josh), keeping the house in a fit state to be shown and not to forget Joshs birthday next Sunday. I hope the second week of the hols will be easier.

We have two Open Homes this weekend - one tomorrow and another on Sunday. Just me and the kids getting the place ready for them - Dal works tomorrow morning and is also doing street receivers on Sunday. Hopefully it will be the last of the Open Homes. If it doesn't sell on Wednesday night, then we'll back off until Spring. I hope.

Wednesday, 6 July 2005

O.M.G.!! LOST!

We have just watched the last episode of "Lost". Wow! My heart is still beating from it! What a great programme it is. I have watched it from the beginning. Not long after that, Liam started watching it, too. In the past few weeks Ricki has joined us, and when Karl was home, he started watching it as well. Quality family time ;-) I found a Lost forum on the net, all sorts of wild theories happening there LOL Quite interesting reading.

We had an offer on the house last night, but turned it down. The figure was way out of the ballpark! We have two open homes this weekend, then go to auction on next Wednesday.

Josh and I had his parent-teacher interview today. He has leapt ahead in some places, but needs still to work on others. His reading is up to that of a 15yo (from 12yo at the beginning of the year), but his spelling is still way down. Hopefully now that he is reading more (and actually enjoying it) the spelling will pick up too. I am having him assessed by the Kip McGrath group in two weeks, to see how on track he is for College next year. Other than that, he needs to work on the presentation of his work, and cut back on the talking in class! A real social butterfly . . . that's our Josh.

Liam has chosen his options for Year 11 next year. As well as the usual math, science and english, he has chosen computers, history and P.E. as his full year options. He loves PE, and next year it takes on the study on the body - physiology, eating habits, etc etc - leading towards making it a career choice. They will do things like kayaking, abseiling, volleyball, surf life saving . . . I'm hoping he'll really enjoy it. He loves PE, and any physical stuff, yet he is not playing any sport this year.

We always want the best for our children . . . but they must make their own choices. We can't do it for them - we can only help them on their way.

Sunday, 3 July 2005

Should I be worried?

The kids are cooking dinner!! So far it's spaghetti, eggs, franks, toast. Sounds like a wonderful Sunday night dinner to me :)

Liam has just said Dal and I have to wash and dry the dishes . . . what a surprise!

Saturday . . . can't remember! Watched the rugby - enjoyed the game. Lots of jumping up and down and yahooing for the All Blacks.

Karl went to T's house for the night, playing D & D with all his ot
her friends that are home from Uni. Most are at Otago, one is at Canterbury.

Sunday . . . The usual stress out and screaming mimis this morning trying to get the house in top shape for the Open Home. I really can't be bothered anymore, but we have decided to put it up for Auction in two weeks time. Have two
open homes next weekend, Saturday AND Sunday. Then that is it. If it doesn't sell at auction we will have a break until the spring.

Karl found his way home about 11am. Had to have a quick shower, pack his bags a
nd be on the ferry by 1.30.

This photo was taken before we left for the ferry, while Dallas was busy cleaning the last toilet for the Open Home LOL.

Poor Dallas, he is watching the car racing - it's another sad day for Ford! Bloody Holdens!

Friday, 1 July 2005

The build up continues . . .

to the second rugby test tomorrow night. Wellington is the place to be this weekend. Of course I say the All Blacks will win comfortably, although I'm sure it will be a harder game, after the controversy of the past week! Saw on TV Prince William was practicing with the Lions.

I'm afraid I won't be finished knitting my black scarf in time to watch the game. Maybe for the third test though :)

We've had alot of Lions supporters around town over the past week. It's great seeing all the red jackets out and about. The weather has been so brisk that I'm sure they haven't been missing home.

Speaking of Wellington . . . Karl really seems to be enjoying it there. He is studying toward a Bachelor of Information & Technology at Victoria University. He's living at one of the Halls where he gets fed and watered daily! It's a five minute walk UP the hill to Uni, and a five minute walk DOWN the hill to the city centre. He is currently home, enjoying a break after having had exams. He goes back this Sunday. He managed to get a weeks work at New World while he's been back, so that will help the back pocket. (Will help Mum and Dads pockets, too)

It was 11.09pm when Ricki sent me a text to pick him up last night. Not quite as late as last time, thank goodness. He was rather tired this morning and has just said that he was only one of four boys from last night that went to school today! Bad mum - I woke him up this morning so he would'nt be late LOL. He has just got home from work, and has a 9am soccer game tomorrow. Guess I'd better make sure he isn't too far out of bed.

Thursday, 30 June 2005

You know when you should do something, but you don't?

That was what happened to me today. You see, our home is for sale. I have got into the habit of having a quick tour of the house before I go to work, or go out in the morning, just to check the boys rooms are tidy, etc. Today I didn't. Today I left Karl asleep in his smelly room (he's been home for three weeks).
I went to the gym for an hour. The first thing I saw when I got home . . . a Real Estate Agent business card on the bench!! Noooooooooo! Rushed into Karls room - he was up, windows were open - phew! Apparently the Real Estate agent had come into the house before he brought his clients through - found Karl in his room, so Karl had about a minute to quickly tidy the room. Wish I could have seen the look on Karls face when this strange man appeared in his doorway. Would have given me a hell of a fright. Maybe that'll teach Karl for sleeping in and then not answering the phone when it rang!

Have decided today to put the house forward for auction in two weeks time. It's been on the market for about 8 weeks, with people through, but no offers. We will be having an Open Home this coming Sunday, and then two the following weekend. Please let me have the strength to get through them!

I will sort out some photos to post in the next couple of days :)

Josh hasn't been well lately. Has had some days off school. Nothing serious, but a nagging cough, with a sore throat and temps to go with it. Has developed into a fully fledged head cold in the last couple of days. He has missed out twice on having his first meningitis injection.

Ricki is at school tonight - cooking for the Board of Trustees and Heads of Faculty. He is Year 12, but is doing Year 13 Chef Training. Last time they had a night like this I had to pick him up around midnight. He worked at McDs last night, this restaurant thing tonight, and is at McDs again tomorrow night! Somehow, don't think he is going to be worth talking to this weekend!

Let's start at the very beginning ~

Well I've done it now. Started a blog! Let's hope that I can keep it up!

Not sure that my families daily life will be interesting to many people, but at least it will be an good record for us and our families.

Over the next few days I will report on my family, who we are and what we do, as well as reporting on our daily comings and goings.

In general - we are a mum and dad with four boys. The boys are aged 18. 16, 14 & nearly 13. Oldest, Karl, is off at University studying IT. Middle two, Ricki and Liam are at the local College, and the youngest, Josh, is in his last year at primary school. Becomes a College student next year!

So that's us in a nutshell.

I will be back :)