Sunday, 7 October 2007

Various animal pics

Sometimes life just gets a bit much, and I get SO tired!

Quick, I'll just have a nibble before Arsha sees us . . .

30 December 2006

We just couldn't help ourselves . . .

Meet Arsha - 8 weeks old and fresh from SPCA - we LOVE that place! They do such good work.

She is actually a pure bred - but we have no papers for her. We knew that her mum and dad were both black labs, but it was the vet who pointed out that she was pure bred because of some colouring inside her mouth!?!?!

Christmas 2006

Christmas Day

A quiet day had by all - except a certain little kitten who just could NOT stay out of the Christmas tree!

20 December

Ricki - 18 years old today.

19 December

Liam - 16 years old today.

Can I help??

December 2006

A HUGE month. Not only were there two birthdays - Liam16 and Ricki 18 - there was also Christmas and three - yes THREE - additions to the family :)

16th December:Welcome Cleo & Pudding. The kittens were dumped on the riverbank along with their mum and two other kittens, were found and taken to the SPCA. Initially I picked Cleo, but had to wait for her to put on some weight before we could bring her home.

But halfway through the week, I went out to have another look at her, and couldn't resist it, I picked the little ginger kitten too, soon to be named Pudding.

Thursday, 24 May 2007

And then there was November!

November - a month that saw Dallas walking out the door often before 7am and not getting home until dark. And this job was supposed to be easy!! He had seen the previous owner having quite a few afternoons off, late starts in the mornings and thought he'd have it that way too! I think he forgot he was starting in the spring. And when does grass grow at its fastest rate??? He was certainly thrown in the deep end. But he came up for air, and things have been pretty sweet ever since.

Dals mum and my sister Anne took off for Australia on 17th November. Mum was going to see her daughter Lorraine, and Anne was going over to see her daughter Pamela. A wonderful time was had by all.

Ricki and Liam had school exams - Rickis last for secondary school.

We were also thinking about gardens. This is as far as we got ~

Also got some grass laid in the back yard, and a couple of cherry trees got planted, too.

A couple of the hard workers . . .

Dallas mowed a vineyard at Delta Heights. The views were magnificent!

October 2006

Big month for Karl. He bought his very first car. A red one. And we all know that red cars go faster!! Bought it off Trade Me - from Nelson. It's lovely to drive, and will hopefully last him for a long time :)

It was also the end of an era (a short era) for Dallas. He finished up with Courier Post and we bought a mowing contracting business. He had a couple of weeks learning the ropes before starting properly on 1st November. This is not a franchise . . . it's all ours. He mows parts of vineyards, headlands, around restaurants, schools plus some private lawns. Less stress than the courier, but you still have to be reasonably fit and healthy.

Rolling forward to September

We did have some days off. A trip to Picton saw us walking round to Bobs Bay. Just the fresh sea air that we needed!

Friday 29th saw me in hospital having a BCC cut from my forehead. Now THAT was a spaced out experience LOL. They doped me up real good! By the time I got home mid afternoon, I slept the rest of the day and most of the next! It took me a good few days to recover from the tiredness.

Saturday, 19 May 2007

24 August 2006

Our first night sleeping over :)

We had spent the previous four nights moving things from the rental to the new house. In the dark. With lots of swear words. And mud.

At least we had all boys on deck to help - not like the last move when Karl was still in Wellington. They get amazingly strong amazingly quickly boys do!

Got straight into levelling out the driveway:

The boys had a ball using the machinery.

We won't mention the fact that we ended up taking most of that dirt away again when we actually got the concreting done . . . Well, we are only beginners - hehe
August 2006

Lounge looking back thru to family room

Main bathroom

Main bathroom

Ensuite, Walk in wardrobe

August 2006
Looking into kitchen from family area

Looking into kitchen from dining

Kitchen on left, doors thru to lounge on right

kitchen on left, doors thru to entry
July 2006

The house colour is Dulux Rakaia.

This is where the kitchen goes . . .

May thru June 2006

May thru June 2006

One year later . . . Hellooooooo

Thinking about restarting. Lots of catch up on, though . . . alot has happened in the past year. Let me have a play, and I'll see what happens :)