Tuesday, 29 November 2005

House & Christmas are getting closer.

Only about ten days away from having to pay a deposit for the building of the house. Building is not even going to start until February! Valuation is getting done for the land and the structure at the moment. Have the building contract to check over and sign . . . and then it's all on - except for waiting for the Council to grant the permits. Apparently they are taking a couple of months at the moment, and then of course there is Christmas in the mix!

Ah, Christmas. Time of happiness, joy, too much food . . . and debt. All I can say is thank goodness for putting money away each pay day for Christmas. Don't know how we managed before doing that. Probably put everything on the credit card and spent the rest of the year paying for it LOL.

As for what we are getting the little darlings this year - still haven't quite worked that out. Bought a few bit of clothing last visit to Christchurch, got a couple of books for two of them . . . other than that who knows! Dallas said tonight that we'd go up town on Sunday and try and get it sorted. Not to mention that it's Liam and Rickis birthdays the week before Christmas, too.

Friday, 25 November 2005

Updating ~

We've had three weeks we'd rather forget . . . so just updating a few good things that have been happening . . .

Last week Josh was on school camp. Year 7 & 8's went over to Nelson and stayed at Bridge Valley Camp. They had a wonderful time - Josh came home very, very tired and all we heard for the next two days was . . . "the food was SSSOOOOOO good" - doesn't say much about my cooking then, does it LOL.

Liam has been plodding along at school and playing indoor cricket. Trying to get him to get a holiday job, but he doesn't seem to be very interested.

Ricki had his last exam yesterday and has now officially finished school for the year. He doesn't seem interested in getting another job either :( I think they think they can stay home all hols and play computers. Ain't gonna happen!!!

Karl has had four days work with a friend this week - and he starts back at New World on the 5th December. Not his ideal job, but seems to be all that is available for him at the moment. We've told him to stick to it, but keep a look out for something he'd rather be doing. He is definately having a gap year and doesn't want to spend it in the supermarket.

We have full contracts for the house building. Just have to read them through, get the bank to agree, get them signed and pay the deposit. It's the paying the deposit that's going to hurt the most. Work won't start until probably February.

Work is picking up for all the Couriers. Must be nearly Christmas!! Hoping that Karl and Ricki will help Dallas out next week, and when Liam finishes in a couple of weeks, then he can help during the week, too.

Christmas shopping continues. Slowly. I'm not nearly as organised this year as I was last year. Not spending much $$$ this year either.

I think that's us for now. Hopefully will get more time on the computer again from now, with life not getting in the way quite so much.

Thursday, 10 November 2005

***Karl's home***

He arrived home on Sunday - albeit 2 hours late. Would you believe that the "able seamen" in Wellington couldn't untie the ferry from the wharf?!?!?! How silly is that!!

Hasn't taken long for things to get back to normal. He's busy at the moment . . . lying on the couch LOL.

Sent him out yesterday with his CV to go around and try and find a job. He went to TWO places! He's definately having a gap year in 2006, but it looks like he'll end up spending the year at the Warehouse or MacDonalds or the Supermarket.

Ricki finished school yesterday. Exams start on Monday. He is supposed to be spending some time each day studying. I'm home tomorrow, so I'll be able to see what's actually happening.