Monday, 11 August 2008

10 Quick Tips – To update your space

Spring is not far away – here are some cheap tips to freshen up your living spaces.

1. Paint a wall
2. Get a nice sofa throw, or just wash the old one
3. Buy some new cushions or sew some new covers
4. Swap your pictures and/or photos around, or put up some new ones
5. Move your furniture around
6. Pick some fresh flowers and put them in a spot for all to see
7. Rearrange your book case, donate books you don’t LOVE anymore
8. Check out some creative ways to organise your space
9. Add a mirror to open up a space
10. Give your home a thorough spring clean. A clean home always makes things look better.

PS - Throws, cushions, mirrors and frames are all available, often at bargain prices, at Briscoes :-)