Thursday, 28 July 2005

Getting ready to move ~

What a job!! What a mess!! LOL

The most important thing . . . we have somewhere to live! I've finally found a tiny three bedroom house just a couple of blocks from us. I think we'll have to move around it sideways it feels so small LOL

Take possession of it on 8th August - move out date for this place is 12th August. So that will give us a week to move and clean.

Have to say that I was starting to panic about finding somewhere. Didn't want to end up at Dals mums for any length of time.

Have to go in today to sign rent documents, pay about six weeks worth of rent - ouch!!

I now feel I can get stuck into finding a section to build on, too. Dallas has contacts at the council and is trying to find out where new areas will be opening up that might interest us.

Springlands sections are really expensive - around $160,000 just for a bit of dirt - so probably won't be going there!! New subdivisions are opening up everywhere - apparently there are around 300 sections for sale at the moment. Just none that we want!! Oh well, something will come up, I'm sure.

Right - time to get these kids up and moving :)

Friday, 22 July 2005

We've sold!!!

We've definately sold!!

Don't know whether I'm happy or sad, probably a bit of both!

We have three weeks to be out of here. OMG - I spent yesterday going around all the property management places to try and find a house to rent. No luck so far. Will check out tonights paper and hope for the best.

I started packing in earnest yesterday, too. Started with the garage. DH is such a clutterholic - there will be so much going to the rubbish tip! (He's fine with that - just won't let me touch his clothes). LOL

Today, the dishwasher man is coming to fix that; I have one more Real Estate to go to about a rental; a bank appointment; and much, much more packing and tossing to do. :)

Once we find somewhere to rent, then we will be able to sit back and contemplate the future. We will be able to get serious about looking for a section to buy, find a nice house plan, and build our dream home!

Tuesday, 19 July 2005

I now have four teenagers!

My baby was 13 on Sunday 17th July. :D

Joshs birth was quite dramatic. I went into labour at 31 weeks. Far too early for our local hospital. They stopped the contractions for three days, then decided to take me off the meds and see how I went. Two hours later I was in the emergency rescue helicopter being flown to Wellington to give birth.

Josh was born by emergency C-Section an hour later at 32 weeks weighing a whopping 4 1/2lbs.
After about five days in Wellington hospital, we were flown home were he was in the baby unit for 5 more weeks.

He was a beautiful baby, and now a delightful, exuberant, chatty teenager!

What did he want to do for his birthday . . . stay up all night and play playstation games. I came down at about 5.30am and made them turn the tv off, turn the lights out and go to sleep. LOL

Friday, 15 July 2005

I really must ~

Get the typefaces sorted! Looking rather mix and match (or not matched) at the moment LOL

Looks like we may have sold.

Meant to go unconditional next Wednesday. Please keep your fingers crossed for us that it does.

Went to Auction on Wednesday night, didn't sell, but spent two hours after the auction AND yesterday morning trying to negotiate the price. We ended up saying, no forget it . . . we are not budging on our price. Thought it was all over. Then, three hours later, got a call to say OK!

Not sure how I feel now. I love this place, but it just needs so much doing to it, and we don't have the time, the skills or the money to do it. It's been a great family home for us. Think I'll cry when we leave.

When we go unconditional, we will then look for somewhere to rent for a while. We are hoping to build, and will now get out and put some offers in on some sections we like.

I'm thinking about all the packing already. Started writing lists yesterday.

Ricki is on his third morning of early starts. I have to say he's coping much better than I thought he would. It also means I've had three early morning gym work outs! I think I'll let Dallas take him tomorrow - he'll be going to work at about the same time. I need a sleep in!

Sunday, 10 July 2005

I am SO glad ~

that this weekend is over. Although it's much easier to have two Open Homes in a row. Didn't have to do nearly as much cleaning for the second day! Just the auction to go, now. Wish us some luck please.

We would like to build our new home. Spent some time this afternoon looking at sections. Have a few ideas about house plans, too, but can't do too much until this place sells. With all this talking, I'm ready to start it right now!

Holidays start in earnest tomorrow. Hope all of you with children have a wonderul break.

Friday, 8 July 2005

What a shock to wake up to ~

Those poor people in London. Sending good thoughts there way.

You know, I think it makes some people stronger. They will NOT be beaten by terrorists. They will continue to live their daily lives. I dread the day it happens here, though.

In our little corner of the world . . . school finished today for two weeks. Yippee! Unfortunately Ricki informs me tonight that he has five 6am starts at McDs next week. WHAT ABOUT MY SLEEPIN?!?!? 'Cos you know who is going to be taking him to work at that hour of the morning, don't you! Oh well, maybe I'll get five early morning workouts at the gym as well LOL. May as well put the early starts to good use, I suppose.

Some how next week I have to juggle kids, work, sausage sizzling (fundraising for Camp with Josh), keeping the house in a fit state to be shown and not to forget Joshs birthday next Sunday. I hope the second week of the hols will be easier.

We have two Open Homes this weekend - one tomorrow and another on Sunday. Just me and the kids getting the place ready for them - Dal works tomorrow morning and is also doing street receivers on Sunday. Hopefully it will be the last of the Open Homes. If it doesn't sell on Wednesday night, then we'll back off until Spring. I hope.

Wednesday, 6 July 2005

O.M.G.!! LOST!

We have just watched the last episode of "Lost". Wow! My heart is still beating from it! What a great programme it is. I have watched it from the beginning. Not long after that, Liam started watching it, too. In the past few weeks Ricki has joined us, and when Karl was home, he started watching it as well. Quality family time ;-) I found a Lost forum on the net, all sorts of wild theories happening there LOL Quite interesting reading.

We had an offer on the house last night, but turned it down. The figure was way out of the ballpark! We have two open homes this weekend, then go to auction on next Wednesday.

Josh and I had his parent-teacher interview today. He has leapt ahead in some places, but needs still to work on others. His reading is up to that of a 15yo (from 12yo at the beginning of the year), but his spelling is still way down. Hopefully now that he is reading more (and actually enjoying it) the spelling will pick up too. I am having him assessed by the Kip McGrath group in two weeks, to see how on track he is for College next year. Other than that, he needs to work on the presentation of his work, and cut back on the talking in class! A real social butterfly . . . that's our Josh.

Liam has chosen his options for Year 11 next year. As well as the usual math, science and english, he has chosen computers, history and P.E. as his full year options. He loves PE, and next year it takes on the study on the body - physiology, eating habits, etc etc - leading towards making it a career choice. They will do things like kayaking, abseiling, volleyball, surf life saving . . . I'm hoping he'll really enjoy it. He loves PE, and any physical stuff, yet he is not playing any sport this year.

We always want the best for our children . . . but they must make their own choices. We can't do it for them - we can only help them on their way.

Sunday, 3 July 2005

Should I be worried?

The kids are cooking dinner!! So far it's spaghetti, eggs, franks, toast. Sounds like a wonderful Sunday night dinner to me :)

Liam has just said Dal and I have to wash and dry the dishes . . . what a surprise!

Saturday . . . can't remember! Watched the rugby - enjoyed the game. Lots of jumping up and down and yahooing for the All Blacks.

Karl went to T's house for the night, playing D & D with all his ot
her friends that are home from Uni. Most are at Otago, one is at Canterbury.

Sunday . . . The usual stress out and screaming mimis this morning trying to get the house in top shape for the Open Home. I really can't be bothered anymore, but we have decided to put it up for Auction in two weeks time. Have two
open homes next weekend, Saturday AND Sunday. Then that is it. If it doesn't sell at auction we will have a break until the spring.

Karl found his way home about 11am. Had to have a quick shower, pack his bags a
nd be on the ferry by 1.30.

This photo was taken before we left for the ferry, while Dallas was busy cleaning the last toilet for the Open Home LOL.

Poor Dallas, he is watching the car racing - it's another sad day for Ford! Bloody Holdens!

Friday, 1 July 2005

The build up continues . . .

to the second rugby test tomorrow night. Wellington is the place to be this weekend. Of course I say the All Blacks will win comfortably, although I'm sure it will be a harder game, after the controversy of the past week! Saw on TV Prince William was practicing with the Lions.

I'm afraid I won't be finished knitting my black scarf in time to watch the game. Maybe for the third test though :)

We've had alot of Lions supporters around town over the past week. It's great seeing all the red jackets out and about. The weather has been so brisk that I'm sure they haven't been missing home.

Speaking of Wellington . . . Karl really seems to be enjoying it there. He is studying toward a Bachelor of Information & Technology at Victoria University. He's living at one of the Halls where he gets fed and watered daily! It's a five minute walk UP the hill to Uni, and a five minute walk DOWN the hill to the city centre. He is currently home, enjoying a break after having had exams. He goes back this Sunday. He managed to get a weeks work at New World while he's been back, so that will help the back pocket. (Will help Mum and Dads pockets, too)

It was 11.09pm when Ricki sent me a text to pick him up last night. Not quite as late as last time, thank goodness. He was rather tired this morning and has just said that he was only one of four boys from last night that went to school today! Bad mum - I woke him up this morning so he would'nt be late LOL. He has just got home from work, and has a 9am soccer game tomorrow. Guess I'd better make sure he isn't too far out of bed.