Sunday, 3 July 2005

Should I be worried?

The kids are cooking dinner!! So far it's spaghetti, eggs, franks, toast. Sounds like a wonderful Sunday night dinner to me :)

Liam has just said Dal and I have to wash and dry the dishes . . . what a surprise!

Saturday . . . can't remember! Watched the rugby - enjoyed the game. Lots of jumping up and down and yahooing for the All Blacks.

Karl went to T's house for the night, playing D & D with all his ot
her friends that are home from Uni. Most are at Otago, one is at Canterbury.

Sunday . . . The usual stress out and screaming mimis this morning trying to get the house in top shape for the Open Home. I really can't be bothered anymore, but we have decided to put it up for Auction in two weeks time. Have two
open homes next weekend, Saturday AND Sunday. Then that is it. If it doesn't sell at auction we will have a break until the spring.

Karl found his way home about 11am. Had to have a quick shower, pack his bags a
nd be on the ferry by 1.30.

This photo was taken before we left for the ferry, while Dallas was busy cleaning the last toilet for the Open Home LOL.

Poor Dallas, he is watching the car racing - it's another sad day for Ford! Bloody Holdens!

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