Friday, 8 July 2005

What a shock to wake up to ~

Those poor people in London. Sending good thoughts there way.

You know, I think it makes some people stronger. They will NOT be beaten by terrorists. They will continue to live their daily lives. I dread the day it happens here, though.

In our little corner of the world . . . school finished today for two weeks. Yippee! Unfortunately Ricki informs me tonight that he has five 6am starts at McDs next week. WHAT ABOUT MY SLEEPIN?!?!? 'Cos you know who is going to be taking him to work at that hour of the morning, don't you! Oh well, maybe I'll get five early morning workouts at the gym as well LOL. May as well put the early starts to good use, I suppose.

Some how next week I have to juggle kids, work, sausage sizzling (fundraising for Camp with Josh), keeping the house in a fit state to be shown and not to forget Joshs birthday next Sunday. I hope the second week of the hols will be easier.

We have two Open Homes this weekend - one tomorrow and another on Sunday. Just me and the kids getting the place ready for them - Dal works tomorrow morning and is also doing street receivers on Sunday. Hopefully it will be the last of the Open Homes. If it doesn't sell on Wednesday night, then we'll back off until Spring. I hope.

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