Friday, 15 July 2005

Looks like we may have sold.

Meant to go unconditional next Wednesday. Please keep your fingers crossed for us that it does.

Went to Auction on Wednesday night, didn't sell, but spent two hours after the auction AND yesterday morning trying to negotiate the price. We ended up saying, no forget it . . . we are not budging on our price. Thought it was all over. Then, three hours later, got a call to say OK!

Not sure how I feel now. I love this place, but it just needs so much doing to it, and we don't have the time, the skills or the money to do it. It's been a great family home for us. Think I'll cry when we leave.

When we go unconditional, we will then look for somewhere to rent for a while. We are hoping to build, and will now get out and put some offers in on some sections we like.

I'm thinking about all the packing already. Started writing lists yesterday.

Ricki is on his third morning of early starts. I have to say he's coping much better than I thought he would. It also means I've had three early morning gym work outs! I think I'll let Dallas take him tomorrow - he'll be going to work at about the same time. I need a sleep in!

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