Friday, 28 August 2009

For sure this time!

Back in March I posted this:
Decision has been made (I think LOL) as of today that we will stay here for at least the next year and put the finishing touches on the house and section to get it into a sellable state. That way, if the right property does come up – then we are ready for it. The possibility is there that once the house is sorted, we may well sell it then anyway and effectively become cash buyers. I feel a lot more settled now. We have a plan. Plans are good!!!

Since then we've been dithering again about selling/buying/getting some land . . . well it's all come to a head this week, and we now know that we just cannot afford the land we want. Not without going deeper into debt, and that's just something I will not consider. OK, if it was just $10,000 or $20,000 then maybe - but it's much more than that and I can't do it.

So - our house is going to be getting that deck that we've been putting off for three years (with money that has already been saved for it). I can carry on with the vegie gardens with confidence that we will eat the vegies that grow in them. I can potter around creating flower gardens and making the house the home that it should be.

(This is not to say that something cheaper will not jump out of the real estate pages at me and set me off again . . .) ;-)

Sunday, 23 August 2009

Let the gardening begin

A pile of old grape half rounds and some pea straw:

A man with a power tool and an attentive audience:

The finished product:

All that's needed now is a bit more compost and some vegie plants:

A nice rustic, cheap raised garden (with maybe one more layer of half rounds eventually).

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Catching up:

This is from the week before we went away - forgot to post it!

I’m not well. I’ve got man flu – well at least I’m complaining like it’s man flu LOL.

I’ve got lots of little bits and pieces to do before we fly out to Gold Coast on Saturday. Borrow suitcases, make sure all clothes we want to take are clean, return library books, buy ribbons (or something) to put on suitcases for easy identification; make sure house is clean (or relatively so) for the house/pet sitter.

I’ve written a list so far. That’s it. A list. Don’t feel inclined to actually action said list . . .

We have a bank appointment tomorrow – our business loan is falling due for renewal so we need to go in and discuss that. Dallas wants to buy another mower, so it could be an interesting discussion!

Am about to cancel the bank appointment. Dallas has come down with it now as well. I’m feeling marginally better – enough to get up and tidy the kitchen bench and fold a couple of days worth of washing whilst sitting on a chair!

Yesterday I did manage to take Josh out to get his hair cut, returned books to library and picked up suitcases (Dallas picked up ones from MIL). Now if I can get some ironing done at least we can start packing.

Josh is going out to the local airforce base today to look at their avionics department. That is what he is thinking of doing in the future. Hope it goes well as it would be nice to have at lease ONE boy with some direction in his life.