Friday, 28 August 2009

For sure this time!

Back in March I posted this:
Decision has been made (I think LOL) as of today that we will stay here for at least the next year and put the finishing touches on the house and section to get it into a sellable state. That way, if the right property does come up – then we are ready for it. The possibility is there that once the house is sorted, we may well sell it then anyway and effectively become cash buyers. I feel a lot more settled now. We have a plan. Plans are good!!!

Since then we've been dithering again about selling/buying/getting some land . . . well it's all come to a head this week, and we now know that we just cannot afford the land we want. Not without going deeper into debt, and that's just something I will not consider. OK, if it was just $10,000 or $20,000 then maybe - but it's much more than that and I can't do it.

So - our house is going to be getting that deck that we've been putting off for three years (with money that has already been saved for it). I can carry on with the vegie gardens with confidence that we will eat the vegies that grow in them. I can potter around creating flower gardens and making the house the home that it should be.

(This is not to say that something cheaper will not jump out of the real estate pages at me and set me off again . . .) ;-)

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