Tuesday, 15 September 2009

The garden(s)

An update on the garden(s). Yes, we now have two! The second one even more 'rustic' than the first . . . and the first has gone another layer of half rounds higher. We couldn't get any more free half rounds, so we got free quarter rounds for the second garden.

The layers of the garden went a bit like this:

First layer: Newspaper:

Second layer: pea straw

Third layer: Horse poo

This was followed by some more pea straw, then compost.

The end result:
Garden One has beans along the back; red onions, spring onions, two each of cauli, broccoli and cabbage; one heritage tomato (Brandywine Pink) and one cucumber. The pot in the middle has a rosemary plant in it.

Here is the heritage tomato:

GardenTwo has heritage peas along the back, two rows of carrot seeds, mint in the pot and lots and lots of dog paw prints!!!

Also to go in this garden are beetroot seedlings when they grow a bit bigger:

Also growing well are the strawberries:


flmom said...

Really lovely!

Katidids said...

That looks great, will be much easier to wrk with the raised beds

Denise said...

Thank you both. A long way to go, but we are slowly getting there . . . and it feels good!