Sunday, 20 September 2009

The big reveal . . .

Thanks for your thoughts, but no, the monstrosity is not for a vine, or beans, or a soccer net.

It also needs some buckets - painted with left over house paint

Some good quality compost (with some horse poo in for good measure)

And tomato plants.

Yes - it's an upside-down-tomato-hanger-upper! Dallas has been reading up on this for ages. Upside down tomatoes - no need to stake. He is quite sure that this will be the most wonderful way to grow tomatoes since . . . well, just since! Of course, this has led to more bets with the neighbour . . .

Still not sure why he needed to build the monstrosity. He could have just hung them from hooks on the fence, but who am I to question?

1 comment:

Denny said...

Wow,now thats a clever idea,good one.Shall be keeping an eye on the progress with this one...:)