Sunday, 7 October 2007

Various animal pics

Sometimes life just gets a bit much, and I get SO tired!

Quick, I'll just have a nibble before Arsha sees us . . .

30 December 2006

We just couldn't help ourselves . . .

Meet Arsha - 8 weeks old and fresh from SPCA - we LOVE that place! They do such good work.

She is actually a pure bred - but we have no papers for her. We knew that her mum and dad were both black labs, but it was the vet who pointed out that she was pure bred because of some colouring inside her mouth!?!?!

Christmas 2006

Christmas Day

A quiet day had by all - except a certain little kitten who just could NOT stay out of the Christmas tree!

20 December

Ricki - 18 years old today.

19 December

Liam - 16 years old today.

Can I help??

December 2006

A HUGE month. Not only were there two birthdays - Liam16 and Ricki 18 - there was also Christmas and three - yes THREE - additions to the family :)

16th December:Welcome Cleo & Pudding. The kittens were dumped on the riverbank along with their mum and two other kittens, were found and taken to the SPCA. Initially I picked Cleo, but had to wait for her to put on some weight before we could bring her home.

But halfway through the week, I went out to have another look at her, and couldn't resist it, I picked the little ginger kitten too, soon to be named Pudding.