Friday, 22 July 2005

We've sold!!!

We've definately sold!!

Don't know whether I'm happy or sad, probably a bit of both!

We have three weeks to be out of here. OMG - I spent yesterday going around all the property management places to try and find a house to rent. No luck so far. Will check out tonights paper and hope for the best.

I started packing in earnest yesterday, too. Started with the garage. DH is such a clutterholic - there will be so much going to the rubbish tip! (He's fine with that - just won't let me touch his clothes). LOL

Today, the dishwasher man is coming to fix that; I have one more Real Estate to go to about a rental; a bank appointment; and much, much more packing and tossing to do. :)

Once we find somewhere to rent, then we will be able to sit back and contemplate the future. We will be able to get serious about looking for a section to buy, find a nice house plan, and build our dream home!

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