Thursday, 28 July 2005

Getting ready to move ~

What a job!! What a mess!! LOL

The most important thing . . . we have somewhere to live! I've finally found a tiny three bedroom house just a couple of blocks from us. I think we'll have to move around it sideways it feels so small LOL

Take possession of it on 8th August - move out date for this place is 12th August. So that will give us a week to move and clean.

Have to say that I was starting to panic about finding somewhere. Didn't want to end up at Dals mums for any length of time.

Have to go in today to sign rent documents, pay about six weeks worth of rent - ouch!!

I now feel I can get stuck into finding a section to build on, too. Dallas has contacts at the council and is trying to find out where new areas will be opening up that might interest us.

Springlands sections are really expensive - around $160,000 just for a bit of dirt - so probably won't be going there!! New subdivisions are opening up everywhere - apparently there are around 300 sections for sale at the moment. Just none that we want!! Oh well, something will come up, I'm sure.

Right - time to get these kids up and moving :)

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