Friday, 1 July 2005

The build up continues . . .

to the second rugby test tomorrow night. Wellington is the place to be this weekend. Of course I say the All Blacks will win comfortably, although I'm sure it will be a harder game, after the controversy of the past week! Saw on TV Prince William was practicing with the Lions.

I'm afraid I won't be finished knitting my black scarf in time to watch the game. Maybe for the third test though :)

We've had alot of Lions supporters around town over the past week. It's great seeing all the red jackets out and about. The weather has been so brisk that I'm sure they haven't been missing home.

Speaking of Wellington . . . Karl really seems to be enjoying it there. He is studying toward a Bachelor of Information & Technology at Victoria University. He's living at one of the Halls where he gets fed and watered daily! It's a five minute walk UP the hill to Uni, and a five minute walk DOWN the hill to the city centre. He is currently home, enjoying a break after having had exams. He goes back this Sunday. He managed to get a weeks work at New World while he's been back, so that will help the back pocket. (Will help Mum and Dads pockets, too)

It was 11.09pm when Ricki sent me a text to pick him up last night. Not quite as late as last time, thank goodness. He was rather tired this morning and has just said that he was only one of four boys from last night that went to school today! Bad mum - I woke him up this morning so he would'nt be late LOL. He has just got home from work, and has a 9am soccer game tomorrow. Guess I'd better make sure he isn't too far out of bed.

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