Tuesday, 19 July 2005

I now have four teenagers!

My baby was 13 on Sunday 17th July. :D

Joshs birth was quite dramatic. I went into labour at 31 weeks. Far too early for our local hospital. They stopped the contractions for three days, then decided to take me off the meds and see how I went. Two hours later I was in the emergency rescue helicopter being flown to Wellington to give birth.

Josh was born by emergency C-Section an hour later at 32 weeks weighing a whopping 4 1/2lbs.
After about five days in Wellington hospital, we were flown home were he was in the baby unit for 5 more weeks.

He was a beautiful baby, and now a delightful, exuberant, chatty teenager!

What did he want to do for his birthday . . . stay up all night and play playstation games. I came down at about 5.30am and made them turn the tv off, turn the lights out and go to sleep. LOL

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