Wednesday, 6 July 2005

O.M.G.!! LOST!

We have just watched the last episode of "Lost". Wow! My heart is still beating from it! What a great programme it is. I have watched it from the beginning. Not long after that, Liam started watching it, too. In the past few weeks Ricki has joined us, and when Karl was home, he started watching it as well. Quality family time ;-) I found a Lost forum on the net, all sorts of wild theories happening there LOL Quite interesting reading.

We had an offer on the house last night, but turned it down. The figure was way out of the ballpark! We have two open homes this weekend, then go to auction on next Wednesday.

Josh and I had his parent-teacher interview today. He has leapt ahead in some places, but needs still to work on others. His reading is up to that of a 15yo (from 12yo at the beginning of the year), but his spelling is still way down. Hopefully now that he is reading more (and actually enjoying it) the spelling will pick up too. I am having him assessed by the Kip McGrath group in two weeks, to see how on track he is for College next year. Other than that, he needs to work on the presentation of his work, and cut back on the talking in class! A real social butterfly . . . that's our Josh.

Liam has chosen his options for Year 11 next year. As well as the usual math, science and english, he has chosen computers, history and P.E. as his full year options. He loves PE, and next year it takes on the study on the body - physiology, eating habits, etc etc - leading towards making it a career choice. They will do things like kayaking, abseiling, volleyball, surf life saving . . . I'm hoping he'll really enjoy it. He loves PE, and any physical stuff, yet he is not playing any sport this year.

We always want the best for our children . . . but they must make their own choices. We can't do it for them - we can only help them on their way.

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