Thursday, 24 May 2007

And then there was November!

November - a month that saw Dallas walking out the door often before 7am and not getting home until dark. And this job was supposed to be easy!! He had seen the previous owner having quite a few afternoons off, late starts in the mornings and thought he'd have it that way too! I think he forgot he was starting in the spring. And when does grass grow at its fastest rate??? He was certainly thrown in the deep end. But he came up for air, and things have been pretty sweet ever since.

Dals mum and my sister Anne took off for Australia on 17th November. Mum was going to see her daughter Lorraine, and Anne was going over to see her daughter Pamela. A wonderful time was had by all.

Ricki and Liam had school exams - Rickis last for secondary school.

We were also thinking about gardens. This is as far as we got ~

Also got some grass laid in the back yard, and a couple of cherry trees got planted, too.

A couple of the hard workers . . .

Dallas mowed a vineyard at Delta Heights. The views were magnificent!

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