Friday, 23 September 2005

Schools out ~

Only one more term left before the end of the year!


Time is rushing by. Just as the past few weeks have.

The world hasn't stopped revolving because we don't have a government. I thought this week would be a lot worse than it was. Life just goes on!

Our most exciting news of the past couple of weeks . . . we have a section!!
Here it is ~

The driveway . . . yes, it's another back section :-)

This is looking south east. Doesn't look much, does it. But it's ours! We hope to be built and living there in six months.
Still waiting for the title to come through, then hopefully building can start Dec/Jan.

We have a house plan, now just have to get the sizing right. Working with Endeavour Homes. I'm sure they will be quite sick of us by the time this little adventure is over LOL

Had both Liam & Ricki to the doctor today. Ricki for his allergies. Ian wouldn't give him the allergy injection until all other avenues had failed, so we have come home with Prednisone, eye drops and nose drops. Fingers crossed that they will do the trick.

Liams growth was checked last year, and Ian wanted to see him again this time this year. He has shot up 9cm and put on 9kg in weight! Still well under the normal percentile for his age, but he always has been, so I'm not worried at all. His voice is a little bit croaky/squeaky these days too. Sounds really funny when he laughs. Love to hear that sound!

Have nothing much planned for the school break. Dallas and Ricki are off to Australia next Friday for soccer. They are away from 30th September till the 8th October.

Liam, Josh and I decided that we would spend next weekend in Christchurch, so hope to head away on Friday, too.

Karls final semester this year ends on 8th October. Then he has four exams over the next three weeks and that's his first year of Uni finished. He's still talking about having a gap year next year. That may change if he thinks he has to spend a year working in a supermarket full time though. He has to get his CV updated and out to the places where he thinks he might like to work. It's going to be an interesting few months.

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