Saturday, 3 September 2005

Time sure flys by ~

Especially when you are busy LOL

Thanks to Susy for the reminder that I haven't been here and updated for a while.

Lots to update on - will try and do it in order~

Yes, we did get moved into the rental house. That was on 12th August. Spent that Friday with a friend doing a final cleaning Howick Road. Couldn't have done it without her, that's for sure.

Then spent Saturday and Sunday pottering around here, getting things in place, making sure TV, Sky, computers were going - which just wasn't happening! Telecom stuffed up the change over! Was meant to be done on Thursday, but ended up with no phone until the following Monday - and then they tried to charge us for it!!! Not in MY lifetime would I be paying for their stuffup!!!! Much frustration for all involved - and plenty of mumbles and grumbles from the boys in the cheap seats!

Vinnie seemed to take to the move OK, but he still wasn't eating much, and was drinking lots. Rumblings of a problem there, so got him into the vet. Turns out he had kidney disease and after that he went downhill really quickly. We ended up having him put down last Monday. We were all so sad - much crying was done. We are still missing him snuggling up to us and the boys especially as he would get under the covers in bed with them - moving from bed to bed throughout the night.


We are now in the process of buying a section. Documents are at the lawyers as we speak (or as I type as the case may be!) A new subdivision has opened off Redwood Street, and we are buying a section there. Not the first choice of where we want to be, but the other area isn't coming up for about two years.

Checking out house plans, too. There is so much to decide. How big, how many bedrooms, how many living areas, what kind of kitchen, where can I save some money so I can buy new furniture . . .??? The list goes on.

Doesn't help that I've been working almost full time for the past five weeks, and that is set to continue for at least another 6 weeks. We are learning to make the most of our lunchtimes and Sundays.

Karl has been home for two weeks, went back to Uni last weekend . Has end of year exams in about five weeks, I think. He is considering coming home and working for 2006 to get some money behind him before going back. Let's just say he's not been handling his finances very well -- much to his mothers (and fathers) consternation!!! More frustration!!!

Liam had a sleep over at a friends birthday last night and is asleep on the couch - think I'd better go wake him or he'll won't go to bed tonight!

Think that just about gets us up to date.


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