Monday, 8 August 2005

The move has begun . . .

Got the key to the rental on Friday afternoon.

Started moving things over on Saturday - the garage was cleared and went; also all the kitchen stuff that's not needed between now and Friday.

Yesterday I had work - but Dallas and the boys moved all the outside furniture and the trampoline in the morning, and in the afternoon we got all the bookcases moved, lots and lots of boxes that are going into storage, plus our waterbed. Got the w/b put together again and will start filling it tonight. We are currently sleeping in Joshs double bed - the waterbed is a king size . . . quite a difference!!

On the last trip we dismantled our dining table, took that around and reassembled it.

The kids worked really well the whole day. Ricki had spent the night at a friends birthday and didn't get home till about 11am, but still got stuck in even though he'd had no sleep. Might be fun trying to wake him up this morning for school. LOL

Don't know how Vinnie is going to take the move. He is 10 this year, and knows that something is up. He's not eating well, and is being very quiet. Not like him at all.

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