Saturday, 6 August 2005

Yesterday I kept getting the runaround ~

and I am SO damn angry about it!

Ricki has a tooth that is bothering him. The local hospital used to deal with secondary school dental care, but we got a letter a couple of months ago to say the a local practice will be taking the school kids on.

So - I ring the dental practice . . .
"Oh, I'm sorry, we've heard no more about taking the childrens dental care over".

OK - so I ring the hospital . . .
"Didn't you get a letter to say we were closing"
"Yes, but the other practice has heard nothing more"
"Oh, no, they haven't signed the contract yet . . ."

So she tells me there is an emergency dentist to call. OK, I call them, but it's not a real emergency so they won't take him!

My choices - it has to suddenly become a real toothache emergency (wonder how good an actor Ricki is), or I try and get him into my dentist and pay for it.

Why do these sorts of things always happen when you are already stressed to the max?

On the other hand - a good thing about yesterday . . . Liam came home from camp :-)

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