Tuesday, 4 October 2005

Sometimes life just bites!

Had planned to write about the fun time the boys had in Christchurch, and also about the exploits of Dal and Ricki who are still in Australia. But real life got in the way . . . and it sucks.

We have had a death in the family. My brother in law Rex - my sister Anne's husband. He went into hospital in Sydney last Friday to have a hip replacement. About an hour after coming out of that he had a heart attack. He was put on life support, and passed away on Monday with most of his family by his side. Now he gets to come home . . . but not to share retirement here with Anne as they had both planned.

To Anne and Rex's family - Veronica, Peter, Luke and Jodee; Chris, Janice, Mikayla & Jordan; Donna, Shane, Courtney, Taylah & Jake; Natasha & Dion; Pamela & Eddie and Nicola - thinking of you heaps and love you all.

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