Wednesday, 26 October 2005

We went shopping ~

but didn't spend any money - YET! On Monday we did the rounds looking at kitchen appliances. Think we came out more confused than when we went in. There is so much to choose from - and we have only limited funds to spend so you'd think that would make it easier - but NO. Just makes me want to spend that little bit more than I have. :-(

Summer sport has started up again. Ricki and Josh are playing summer soccer and Josh is also playing volleyball. Had parent help for both this past week, so hopefully that's me for the rest of the year.

Karl is in the midst of exams. Should be home around about the 6th of November. Then he has to go job hunting. Might have to do a makeover on him first . . . get the uni student look out of him LOL.

Ricki came off his bike coming home from school today. Huge chunk out of his chin, bruised under his eye, badly grazed hands, arms and knees. Won't let me take a photo, though. Got a bit stroppy when I tried :-/ He has also handed in his notice at McDonalds. He needs to talk to his cooking teacher about getting an afterschool and weekend job in a restaurant, but I think he wants some time off first. School finishes in a few weeks for him - study time and then exams - so I'm hoping he doesn't leave it too long.

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