Wednesday, 30 April 2008

The weekend

We had a great few days with Karl and Ricki home. It culminated in a dinner out on Saturday night - late celebrations for Karls 21st. We went to the Workingmens Club with family and had a lovely evening.

On Sunday we took both boys back to Christchurch. Karl is shifting flats this week, so we had to find him at least a bed. Picked one up at the Smiths City Outlet store - second hand but in good condition. Had a look at his new place - it's a bit further for him to go to work, so that means he has to get his car back on the road. That will not be a cheap exercise. Apart from the body work required, it also needs four new tyres and re-registering.

Guess that means he won't be starting to pay off his student loan any time in the near future!

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