Monday, 21 April 2008

Baring my soul - or at least my computer desk at a BAD moment!

OK – so it’s not just the internals of the computer that I want to declutter, simplify, etc, etc.

My focus this week will be to keep my inbox (virtual AND real) empty (and if not empty, at least kind of empty) and to keep my computer desk clear. This last one will not be helped by kids being off school for a fortnight! But they are both such small spaces that it can’t be too hard – right?!?

I know - it really, really, really needs doing! But thankfully it doesn't always look this bad.

I have also started sorting out photos that I have downloaded onto the computer. As a part of trying to find the extra room to defrag, I have been deleting unwanted pics, putting others on to disk and getting others ready to go to disk.

Through Liam & Josh buying an HP computer, we got a deal online through Snapfish - – and got our first 50 photos printed for free. A great deal, so I got a whole heap printed off last week (they arrived within three days) and last night finished the photo album of the building of this house. Only a year and a half late, but it’s now done.

I’m thinking I need to get an external hard drive. I worry that I don’t do back ups often enough (I know that I should, but I don’t) and we have so many photos, and all the business software on this computer, that it would be a complete mess if it crashed. I’m sure it would be simpler with another hard drive to be able just to put everything like that on to.

And just as a side note . . don't know if you managed to see this on the pin board in one of the first photos . .

The lovely lady on the left is my sister in law, Jackie. She works in the Dementia wing of a local Old Peoples Home (probably not the PC name for them these days). The article tells of how some of the carers there got "forget me knot" tattooed on their ankles!!

Jackie has gone on to get a few more, too! Her newer ones represent her son, daughter and grandchildren, and her extended family who mostly live in England.

She's an amazing lady!

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