Thursday, 24 April 2008

I have good news . . and good news!

Firstly, Pudding went missing last Friday. Came in for breakfast and then just disappeared. Calls went out to the local radio stations and an advert went in the paper. We all went around the neighbourhood looking for him (dare I say mostly looking in the gutters). We truly thought he was gone for good.

Until - Tuesday morning - he just walked in the door as if he'd never been away! Animals and kids alike ran up to him and checked him over. He's quiet, but seems well. We have all let him know how much we missed him.

Secondly, both my older boys are home. Arrived home on the bus on Wednesday, and we'll take them back to Christchurch on Sunday. Saturday night will see us out having a late birthday dinner for Karl. He was 21 back in February, but wasn't home at the time, so we didn't organise anything for it.

And thirdly - I got a new job! I'm going back to where I was once before. Data entry in the Lab up at the Hospital. I previously worked there 20 years ago. The computer system had just been put in - there was one computer, one data entry operator. Karl was about 14 months old, and within my first few weeks there I discovered I was pregnant with Ricki.

Now there are computers everywhere and three DEO. My position is casual, but with my large foot in the door, I will be first in line for any more 'part time' jobs that come up. I'm so excited!

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