Thursday, 17 April 2008

So how did this happen?

So how did this happen.

I had put on my to do list . . “defrag computer”. Sounds simple enough.

But when I tried it this is what happened . . .

It said I only had 5% free space, and that I needed 15% usable free space for the programme to run effectively. Did I want to carry on?

So after swearing under my breath at the kids for all their darn games that they have downloaded, I decided to do a bit of an internet search and find the best way to declutter the hard drive.

What I found was not only about decluttering and streamlining the hard drive, but also the desktop, the desk, the laundry , my finances . . . indeed my entire life!

So the mission has begun.

And I still haven’t found that extra 10% so I can defrag the computer . . .

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