Sunday, 20 April 2008

So long, farewell . . .

Said our goodbyes yesterday. Friends of ours – Murray, Ros, Emma & Jack, are moving north. Back up to Hamilton.
Originally from Blenheim & Picton they moved back to Blenheim a couple of years ago. Now an offer to good to refuse sees them heading north again.
We have known them for ages. Murray was groomsman at our wedding lots of years ago. Then we were guests at their wedding.
I have to say that we haven’t been the best friends, though. Didn’t get around to see them often enough. Only really on ‘occasions’, and it’s times like this, when people are leaving, that you realise what you have missed out on. We have said before that we must do better – we must visit our friends (and family, for that matter) more often.
Life, though, seems to get in the way.
But, you see, the thing is you never know what is around the next corner. You often never realise who is going to be here tomorrow and who isn’t.
Make that time. Take that hour you find you have spare and contact a friend.

Murray, Ros, Emma & Jack – best wishes for your future, have fun, be safe and maybe we’ll see you for the big 50th!!

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