Tuesday, 24 June 2008

The week by bullet point.

  • First Budget client on Monday. I was VERY nervous, but it all went really, really well. I have a Supervisor with me for the first few times.
  • Parent Teacher meetings – both boys have work to catch up on – as per usual.
  • Worked Briscoes Thursday and Friday nights. Had Sunday off.
  • Saturday – I changed our computers over to wireless. Work wasn't getting done because it was too cold in the computer room – it's on the south side of the house. Now the main computer is sitting in my dining room. Not the most aesthetically pleasing . . . but a damn sight warmer! Oh, and I'm rather pleased with myself that I actually managed to achieve it!
  • Watched the rugby on Saturday night. Go All Blacks!
  • Mail run with the Courier on Sunday. Then groceries and some housework.
  • Monday – yesterday – 8 – 5 at the Lab. Haven't been in there for a while – but most of it came back really easily – thank goodness. Ended up picking up a few extra hours next month.
  • Tertiary Evening for the boys last night. Dallas took them along. They came home with a couple of new ideas for the future. Goodness knows Liam needs to sort himself out. He's only got a few months left of school!
  • Today – BOS 8.30-1.00 Second meeting with budget client.
  • Dallas came home tonight – with a truck full of hail!! The cold front has hit full force. Two weeks ago Ricki sent a text home – saying “it's snowing, it's snowing”. Snow in downtown Christchurch! Josh is hoping that it snows here – unlikely, but you just never know. I think the last time it did would have been back in the mid 60s. I have vague recollections of being very little, living at Marshlands and having snow on the ground.

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