Wednesday, 4 June 2008

One month ago

I said that the new computer system at the Lab was about to go 'live'. It still hasn't. That means I get some unexpected days off. Which is good in one way . . . I get to catch up around the house and try and match all those Flyladies on MSE. My list today is long, but I have started already. Dinner is in a pot on the stove, and I haven't yet cleaned up from breakfast!

I really, really need to get end of year accounts to the accountant. That must be my main focus today . . after taking the dogs for a walk. This is what the riverbank looked like last week:

I waiting for the sun to get a bit more warmth in it before I venture out today.

Other things to do: generally have a good tidy up. I don't think I'll focus on anything in particular - but will do a couple of flings and may be a HHI (half hour ironing). Oh the joy . . .

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