Sunday, 22 January 2006

I am going to get up to date if it kills me!!!

Have had a couple of birthdays in the family . . . Dals was Friday and mine yesterday.
Dallas got some mags for the van, a voucher for dinner, voucher for the movies - both vouchers for two people ;-) - CDs, some home brew, a neat doorbell that sounds like a Ford racing car and some $$$$.
Lucky me - I got a new phone - much needed; a scrapbooking voucher; a 'Motherhood' book, a Resene CD that I can sort out paint colours for the house, a voucher for another tattoo - yay - some $$$ and the most exquisite card from Dallas.

Can you say "spoilt"???

Today we had a bit of a tidy up after the festivities, then this afternoon we went down to the Taylor River and bombed Ricki and his mates that were competing in the raft race. What a laugh that was - but these boys, so young, so fit - couldn't cope. They built this elaborate raft and kept getting passed by people on bits of board and in tyre tubes! I think the lesson for next year is K.I.S.S. Keep It Simple, Silly :)

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