Thursday, 31 December 2009

Weekend before Santas visit ~

Karl & Ricki couldn't make it home for Christmas, so we visited with them the weekend before.  On the Saturday we travelled down it was Liams 19th birthday:

Pizza and pressies at the Motel . . .


The next day was Rickis 21st birthday ~ a quick pressie opening before he had to go to work:

He had been out with his mates the night before - didn't get home until 5am then we got him up early to go and see Avatar.  He was a bit under the weather!!

Then we went out for lunch:

Dallas & Josh

Karl & Ricki

Ricki & Me

Liam afterwards

We came back from Christchurch with some goodies, too . . . a couple of Trade Me wins - 5 Wasgijs for Linda and a hutch for me . . .

I have plans to strip it and French Country it this coming year.


Riverswamp said...

Love your hutch!!

Denise said...

Thanks. It's the first one I've ever had.

Anonymous said...

I love the hutch, I had one very similar to that before we moved over here and gave it away :( shame, you could of had it. Linda