Thursday, 31 December 2009

Something is missing -

Can you guess what it is???  
This is a typical Smith job - things never quite go in the order they should **sigh**

All animals were very helpful with the hole digging.  Nearly had a couple of headless chooks running around.

The girls looking for worms in a newly dug hole.

Do you think they can read??

So what are we doing, I hear you ask.  Well, the plan is to fence off the vegie garden.  It was quite delightful to begin with, watching the chooks shred the vegies to bits.  Not so much now, though.  Especially as I want to plant a whole lot of new seedlings!  I do have to say that they are doing a great job of digging up the potatoes at the moment.  No dig taties - I like that!

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