Sunday, 8 March 2009

We’ve had a busy time of it lately. Ricki came home for a month in between moving houses in Chch. I flew out to Australia with family to my nieces wedding. I was really impressed there with how well the kids coped because it was so BLOODY HOT. Back home we have continued to run up the kms checking out rural properties. We have been trying really hard to decide what we really want to do. My mind has been going in a thousand different directions, and with working mostly full time for the last couple of months I have been stressed to the max!

Decision has been made (I think LOL) as of today that we will stay here for at least the next year and put the finishing touches on the house and section to get it into a sellable state. That way, if the right property does come up – then we are ready for it. The possibility is there that once the house is sorted, we may well sell it then anyway and effectively become cash buyers. I feel a lot more settled now. We have a plan. Plans are good!!!

A couple of pics:

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