Monday, 26 January 2009


Birthdays continue this month in our household.

My sister had hers on the 13th. Visited with her on the day and then the following Sunday we spent a lovely day together in Nelson.

Dallas had his birthday last week. He requested sausages, mashed potato and gravy for his birthday dinner. When I went to the butchers to pick up the fresh pork sausages, that was what the butcher was having for his dinner that night too. Must be something about butchers (and ex-butchers LOL)

Mine was the next day, and a lovely roast of lamb was cooked for me. Gail & Wayne came around to share this with us. I was totally spoiled as I received some lovely smellies, some Australian dollars for my trip this coming weekend and Jamie Oliver's latest book - The Ministry of Food. There are some great recipes in there, and I intend to try a different one each week.

SIL Kaye has hers today. She and Bruce came around yesterday, and we shared some wine and great conversation. Then we all went out looking at some lifestyle blocks a few minutes out of town. We fell in love with them and checked with the real estate regarding prices today. I think they are going to be a wee bit out of our reach. My hope is to reduce our mortgage but I don't think that would happen if we bought one of these. Still some thinking to do, though. Maybe a lower price can be offered . . . and who knows?

I have been dreaming today of gardens and chooks and sheep; of living in a garage until we can afford to build the house piece by piece without having to borrow money to do it. Maybe my dreams are over the top and not really do-able for us. I will be sad if that is truly the case.

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