Friday, 19 December 2008


Third born son is 18 years old today. Where have all those years gone? He finished school a couple of weeks ago and unfortunately has no plans for his future. He knows he must get a full time job because we certainly can't afford to 'keep' him.

We have been so very lucky to have 'good' kids. They honestly don't give us too much grief, although their father does blame them for his grey hair. I just think it's that age thing again LOL.

So eighteen years ago I was spending the day saying "No, this can't be happening, it's too soon (yet again)" And most of all I was thinking that this baby cannot come today because it's his brothers birthday tomorrow!!! Oh my goodness, two birthdays in the week before Christmas.

So this was my second baby to spend his very first Christmas in the hospital, but he was born a healthy 6lb even though he was a few weeks early. He made his way into the world via a C-Section as, like his brothers before him, he was breach and also like his brothers, had been the entire pregnancy!

Liam Samuel - Sam to his father and his Pop - Liam to everyone else . . .

Happy, happy birthday, son!

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