Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Back to the cold of Saturday mornings in winter!

And the reason?

Josh has decided to play soccer again! We worked it out tonight that he last played organised sport back in Year 8 - 2005. Then he played soccer, volleyball and basketball. From 2006 to this year he has played nothing . . . except computer games, that is.

Computer games take such a hold. All four boys play them. I would guess that a couple are addicted, or very close to it. We have tried all sorts to steer them away from the screen. I guess we aren't constant enough, though, and end up letting things slip backwards.

Josh also had his beep test during PE at school today. His fitness levels have dropped alot since 2006, too. He has now decided to work on his fitness, both for soccer, and for the next beep test at the end of the term. He's not keen to get up at 6am to run the dogs, though - so there goes my suggestion.

Yesterday Liam was up at 6am - he was off on a kayaking trip down the Sounds with his PE class. They paddled out to Blumine Island (our newest wildlife sanctuary), looked at the historic gun emplacements, camped at the DOC camp, then paddled back again today. He is really feeling the soreness in his arms and legs now. Wonder if he'll want to go to school tomorrow . . .

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