Friday, 24 February 2006

Wonders will never cease ~

Liam has a job! Nothing fancy, mind, but a wage paying after school job! He comes into BOS and does the cleaning up. Told you it was nothing fancy LOL. Started after school yesterday - needless to say he's VERY tired, because we haven't had a clean up boy for a week or so, and things had gotten pretty bad. I hope he sticks with it.

My sister Anne is currently living with us. She arrived last Monday - she has moved back from Australia, and is looking for somewhere in Blenheim to rent. Has to find a job, too.

The car failed its WOF this week :( Needs a new seatbelt and some rust in the boot hinges sorted. Have no idea how much that will cost. Van goes for a warrant next month, and I know that needs some stuff doing to it first.

House plans are still at the Council. **sigh** There is no way a February start will happen now. Probably won't be till half way through March! Gives us a bit more time to save some money, I guess.

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