Sunday, 12 February 2006

Tra la la

Late again . . . such is life.

This week has been big.

Started last Friday when my big bro, SIL and I left Blenheim to drive to Winton for our nieces wedding. For those who don't know . . . Winton is at the bottom of the South Island - about 20 minutes north of Invercargill. And then the wedding was actually in Dipton - another 15 or so minutes north again.

We got as far as Milton on Friday night - it was pouring down, getting dark and we hadn't booked anywhere to stay. Stopped in Dunedin first - rang five or six motels but Dunedin was fully booked out. What we didn't know - all the oldies were there for the national Masters Games! Now I know, I know, Masters start at 30 or 35 in some disciplines - but seeing that I'm younger than that anyway - they are OLD! ;-D

So we left Dunedin central, tried Mosgiel, but no go there either. Next stop - Milton. Rang the ONE motel in Milton while we were parked up in Mosgiel - phone booked the very last unit. Panic averted!

Drove from Milton to Winton via Invercargill on Saturday. Do you know Invercargill doesn't even have a Mall!!! It's a city for crying out loud! Didn't get to see Mr Shadbolt while we were there - maybe next time.

We took a quick trip down to Bluff. Lovely views down there.
This is taken from one of the lookouts - looking Northwest.

Made it to Winton during the afternoon, family BBQ dinner that evening. The wedding was on Sunday - the day turned out beautiful. The bride and groom looked beautiful - the cars were awesome, the meal was awesome too. And the dancing - now that was a whole lot of fun!

Monday morning dawned (Waitangi Day). We left Winton at 8.30am and drove, only stopping for lunch and comfort, solidly till we got home that evening around 8.30pm. What a long, tiring trip, but so, so worth it

Tuesday - my baby started college! Those people in the Masters games suddenly aren't looking so old!
The College has a new uniform this year for the turds - uh, third formers. They have changed the shorts and shirt. It was going to be a blazer, trousers and tie until parents caused a fuss. Can you imagine all those boys out on the footy field in their blazers getting all dirty and muddy! This mum certainly wasn't happy with the proposed changes.

Liam and Ricki started on Wednesday. Bought school books today. Still need an art kit for Josh. These things don't come cheap!

And of course, now that kids are back at school, I am back at work normal hours. A real paycheck for a change. The small ones I was getting for just working a couple of hours in the afternoons were going absolutely nowhere!

The House - plans are at the Council for permitting and whatever else happens there. We spent this afternoon going around looking at roof colours, window/door frame colours, house colours, fence styles, front door styles, outside light styles . . . so much to think about. Don't know what people thought of this strange woman taking photos of their homes, but nobody came out and tackled me, so I got away with it quite nicely. We have found colours that we both agree on . . .TYG!!!

Off to watch the taped first episode of Desperate Housewives before tomorrows episode. Managed to watch the first one of Lost. WOW!!! is all I can say!

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