Sunday, 12 September 2010

Lazy Sunday Afternoon

Well it's Sunday afternoon, but not a lazy one.

Have business stuff to sort;
Dinner is in the crockpot - silverside - yummmm
Pie is in the oven for tomorrows dinner
Washing is being recycled through the machine, the clothes airer and the dryer.

And here is Sunday afternoon in the garden:

Pukekohe Onions and Beetroot

Clockwise from top left: Great Lakes lettuce, Peas, Bright Lights Silverbeet and more peas

Onions, carrots & hen-pecked silverbeet

Lettuce leaves ready for sandwiches, but not much else


Also looking good in the garden, but not on the camera:
A couple of  potato plants


Fi said...

Hi Denise! Thought I'd come and say hello :)

Love all your veges. I have been a bit slack this winter with mine. Now spring is here I have no excuse. Hope to sort out one of my beds with some new soil and hopefully build another one. Looking forward to tomatoes and new spuds!

Denise said...

Fi - nice to see you here.
I'm sure it won't be too long before you have all those seeds in the dirt and growing furiously!!