Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Busy weekend!

Well another weekend has come and gone - HUMP day already - and the next weekend is just around the corner.

We spent Sunday through to Tuesday in Christchurch, visiting with the boys and checking out some blocks of land for sale.  I think we have decided that Oxford is too close to the Alps - I can imagine it being VERY cold! 

Ricki has his very first car - a Nissan Primera . . . looks good, too. Black, with a sunroof and spoiler.

We went out for a meal on Monday night.  If you are ever in Christchurch and are starving, go to Sequoia 88 - they do a smorgasboard menu and it's amazing.  I have never seen so much food!

On our way home yesterday we stopped off at the most magical place - it's just north of Kaikoura.  A few minutes along a walking track is this little pool with a waterfall and it is absolutely full of seals playing. It is an incredible place, and one I will definately stop at again. Photos will follow when our internet has sped up a bit!

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Sue, Joe and Michael Webber said...

Sounds great, looking forward to the photos :D