Saturday, 13 June 2009

And so the family grows.

Things have changed at our home lately. We have two new family members . . Jessie and Alan. They are international students – Jessie is from Thailand and Alan from Hong Kong. They are very pleasant boys, in year 11 at College. Our home had been feeling a bit empty for a while, and we had discussed having Home Stays often, just never did anything about it. Then we learnt that the school hostel they were living at was closing down. So that sealed it for us. There are still about 15 students requiring homes, but I don’t think we can fit any more in LOL.

We turned the office into a bedroom for Josh, so Jessie and Alan both have their own rooms, too. Liam gets to stay in his, with no changes.

The past month hasn’t been very money saving as I’ve had to buy more sheets, buy new curtains for one of the rooms, pillows, clothes hangers etc. And the grocery bill!!! I had just got the groceries down to a respectable amount for the four of us . . . now with six it’s shot straight back up again. I know things will settle down so I’m not panicking too much.

I’m finding I’m spending much of my weekend baking, or cooking meals in preparation for the following week – especially if I have to work that week as well. My upright freezer is full, we may have to bring the purchasing of a chest freezer forward. Will see how things stand when The Warehouse next have freezers on special. Have been cooking up lots of pumpkin to freeze for later making into pumpkin loaf & muffins. Got some 99 cents/kg apples and stewed them up, ready for puddings or pies. We have meatloaves, bolognaise, chilli con carne, spaghetti, choc chip biccies, muffins and much more squeezed in.

I now just need to catch up with some housework. Had an up and down week with work – thought I’d have the week off, but got called in to both jobs, plus Dal wanted help as well.

Think I’ll be having a nanny nap tomorrow afternoon :-)

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