Sunday, 5 April 2009

Flying and settling

Tickets are now booked for our families Gold Coast holiday. I have been so unsure about spending all that money, but everyone has been telling me to just do it. I know it makes sense - probably last holiday as a family, etc etc etc. Bought the flights online and I didn't want to push that final 'make payment' button! Argh - it nearly physically hurt to do it.

We are still checking out properties too. Went to an open home today that ticked a lot of boxes. It had two chook houses (with chooks), a pig sty (sans pigs - they, apparently, have moved to the freezer), quite a bit of garden area that needs almost totally clearing, one paddock and a huge shed for the mowers. But the house needs alot of work done on it that we couldn't afford to do so I don't think we will be following it up.

Revisited a 13 acre bit of land that we have looked at before. It's still not sold and we might go in and make a ridiculous offer on it and see what happens. They can only say no.

But the strange thing is that I feel quite settled about it all now. The holiday is booked - no going back. Yes, we are still wanting to move, but I don't feel stressed about it now. For some reason the pressure is not there to have to do it "now". I'm reading a book written by a "middle aged, crippled, old woman" about her moving onto a farm, on her own, and the adventures shes had. It's hilarious, and shows me that there is hope for this old girl yet!

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Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful holiday.
Holidays are what memories are made of. It will be money well spent as you will remember it forever.